"Ariel is one of the few people that possesses all qualities that lead to success in the business world: Creativity, tenacity, persistence, professionalism, business acumen and above all integrity. We worked together in the past (in the startup world) and she is amazing in her creative work and vision, product management and presentations to investors and clients. She always goes above and beyond on what is required to make her company successful and profitable. Her creative genius is instrumental in infusing her companies with an aura of positive thinking and extra-creative culture that drive all the people around her in creating cool products and startups that are bound to succeed!."

Fotios Konstantinidis
Senior Director, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa

"Ariel is phenomenal at getting things done. She is incredibly creative, yet extremely focused on execution. She is able to bridge the gap between highly conceptual and abstract ideas and practical outputs and results in a way that, for many people, would be quite a challenge. Given her sharp no-nonsense approach, I am confident we are to see great things from her."

Deena Varshavskaya
Founder and CEO of Wanelo

"Working with Ariel is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. She’s a technology visionary, three steps ahead of everyone else in the room. She’s a fountain of creative ideas. And she’s genuinely one of the most fun, humble, open-minded, and enjoyable people you will ever meet. It’s a pleasure, on many levels, to have the opportunity to participate in whatever she’s creating."

Kathryn Campbell
Digital Brand Strategist and Managing Partner of Primitive Spark

"Ariel has great creativity and tenacity. She's a wonderful people person who can organize and run teams toward a common mission."

Art Chang
Founder and CEO, Tipping Point Parnters

"Each time I turned to Ariel for creative ideas and fast execution she delivered with focused enthusiasm and professionalism. She has an exceptional creative eye and is able to take a vague concept and solidify into a presentable product. I would recommend Arial to anyone that can use her obvious talents."

Grant Simmons
Digital Strategist, VP of Marketing

"Ariel is a perfect match of passion, creativity, and innovative thinking - she is a great partner, easy to work with and spark new ideas wit h. Ariel is relentless in her pursuit and is a top notch entrepreneur."

Nitsan Tucker
Founder and CEO, TrendFrend

"Ariel is a brilliant dynamo. Her piercing intelligence and visionary creativity, combined with her “Energizer Bunny” drive and unstoppable passion for technology, make her an asset to any enterprise and an absolute delight to work with. We met when we worked with Marc Canter’s Broadband Mechanics startup in 1998, and I was immediately impressed with Ariel’s genius as the Creative Director of our fledgling company. When she offered me a position in her own Web 2.0 startup years later, I jumped at the chance to be part of her venture. Ariel attracted an impressive team and managed us and our product with flexibility, flair, determination and a deeply rooted ethical core that makes her an asset to any company. If I had money to invest in a startup right now, I’d fund any project Ariel believed to be worthy. She keeps a finger on the pulse of our whirlwind society and is an innate bellwether for technological trends. I trust her instincts, her sensibility, her skills and talents, as well as her ability to work harder—and smarter—than just about anyone I know."

Eva Eilenberg

"I had the pleasure and honor of working with Ariel during the height of the Dot Com bubble. We worked on several projects together which challenged our design and creativity skills, put our client account management skills to a test and most of all – defined and expanded upon our personal relationship – many times over.

I had Ariel commuting to London and Hong Kong. I trusted Ariel enough to send her down to a hot Silicon Valley Startup to establish a project, define the scope and work with the client directly. I trusted Ariel enough to interview recruits, vet out old timers and suss out talent.

I still use many of Ariel’s designs and concepts – to this day – 10-15 years later."

Marc Canter
Founder and Chairman of Cola

"Ariel remained a pleasure to work with even under pressure — she churned out designs and plans as requests piled in. Working under her direction, I learned a lot about Photoshop, mockups, and the creative process in a corporate context. She can handle any creative project that comes her way!"

Beth Budwig
UX Team Builder and Director at Zoosk

"Fantastically talented, assertive, and passionate about her work. I learned a lot from working with her. She is very clear and concise with her critiques. She held the team together and kept it running like clockwork. She is a great leader!"

John Germann
Modeling Stuff at Sucker Punch

"Ariel is an incredible artist, very talented and passionate about her work. She knows how to joggle many balls and keep all of them in the air. I was amazed with her abilities to work under tremendous pressure and yet produce excellent results. She is a good leader who knows how to cheer her team and get the best results out of them while keeping her clients happy."

Jolian Ibrahim,

CEO, Viacomms Telecom KSCC, Kuwait


I'm deeply thankful for these kind words.