A jedi-believing, workaholic Knowlege-seeker. A designer. a mom. A builder of products & teams.

You can read my current CV here.


  • I create highly productive teams where people feel proud and do their best work and deliverables are reached on-time and on-budget.
  • If something needs to be created for a screen, I can make it - UIs, videos, ads, etc., in pretty much any style and quickly. 
  • Mastery of Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator,  After Effects, Premier, Lightroom,  InDesign. 
  • I've been and know how to be a highly effective leader - be it as product manager, project manager,  creative director, art director, information architect or founder.  
  • Engineers love working with me because I hand them bullet-proof specs, work hand-in-hand to get them assets correctly, fix bugs and dive into code when helpful. 
  • Along with clear specs, I create realistic, executable timelines and budgets.

More stuff than you probably care to know:

  • Raised uniquely just above Hollywood CA by an entrepreneurial mother.
  • My 20s in the Bay Area, designing UIs, games and video effects for companies like Apple, @Home, ZDTV and a gaggle of start-ups. 
  • At the turn of the century, living in London as a jet-setting Creative Director, building a cross platform portal that lives on in Hong Kong.
  • The 00's: back to LALA land for they physical creative process of fixing up a broken-down duplex .  Art Directed at an incubator, porting game UIs to handsets we're all happy to see retired.  
  • Created mego.com -6 years. Time sped up.
  • Had 2 human babies with a brilliant academic. Moved to Boston, NYC, Buenos Aires and then back to LA. Obsessed over parenthood inefficiencies. Co-founded Lolliswap.com, contract work on everything from food labels, to analysis, testing and designing templates to improve site performance, to museum installations and NFP work. Kids made it alive and kind to school age.
  • Taking my obsession over behavioral science, software design and entertainment and creating SmartSpark.me