Just 15 years ago THESE looked cutting edge

My work as Creative Director for PCCW London helped form me so even though this now looks humorously dated, it's worth diving back into. It lives on as Now.com in Hong Kong.


  • Initiate product development through single handedly creating a series of in-depth prototypes, which resulted in a funding round of £40 million.
  • Together with other senior management executives, demonstrated product concepts to global cable/satellite operators as well as content providers, resulting in discussions with potential joint venture partners.
  • Highly influential in taking the direction of the company's business model to a cross platform proposition, via executing demos of multi-level-personalized user interfaces, for web, Interactive TV, WAP,3G.
  • Provide specification documentation to engineering, production and content affiliate partners.
  • Instructed fellow senior management in new platform constraints, distribution issues and overall technical considerations.
  • Provided product marketing materials for other PCCW offices worldwide, including Japan, Hong Kong and India.